Tomioka Silk Facial Brush



Composition: 100% natural raw silk, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Handle: Hinoki cypress

The brush is made using special technology with a bend that perfectly follows the shape of the face.

Natural silk promotes healing and skin rejuvenation. Silk is 97% composed of proteins, 3% of fats and waxes, as well as 18 amino acids that positively affect human skin metabolism.

Massage with a silk brush nourishes the skin with silk peptides, reduces wrinkles, tones and improves blood circulation, gives a healthy glow to the skin.

The natural moisturizing component sericin on the surface of the silk thread  promotes skin hydration.

Silk structural protein fibroin is a rich source of glycine, which  penetrates deep into skin tissues, intensively moisturizes the skin and stimulates cell regeneration processes. Fibroin retains moisture 7 times better than other moisturizing components, and also improves skin firmness and elasticity. 

How to use:  Use on clean and dry skin. Lightly massage along the facial massage lines.

It is recommended that the brush be changed every 6 months due to the gradually dissolving sericin.

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