Salament Hair Treatment


Volume: 200ml

 The components of the cream are designed for hair damaged by age-related changes in the body.

Fulvic acids are responsible for the formation of energy in the cell and stimulate healthy hair growth, protect the surface of the hair from damage by UV rays. Contain a complex of minerals for healthy hair.

CERACUTE-G complex - a formula designed for anti-aging action, makes hair elastic, prevents brittleness and dryness.

Moringa oil is light and weightless, moringa oil has antioxidant properties. It softens the hair and also restores it at the cellular level.

Unlike non-natural oils for hair, which often include silicone, the cream does not leave stickiness and does not make the hair heavier, it is instantly absorbed.

Method of application: Cream-care is applied directly to wet hair after washing your hair. Apply a small amount of cream to the ends of the hair, or spread the cream over the entire length. After applying the cream, blow dry your hair.


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