RUHAKU Shekwasha Brightening Lotion


Volume: 120 ml 

RUHAKU is the first organic brand of anti-aging skin care cosmetics from the Japanese island of Okinawa, which received Ecocert certification.

The Okinawan Shekwasha citrus extract line was created specifically for combating age spots and ageing skin, as well as for skincare with expanded pores and comedones.

Organic shekwasha extract in the RUHAKU lotion stimulates cell metabolism, fights pigmentation and brightens existing pigment spots, helps preserve collagen cells, reduces puffiness and smoothes fine lines.

Vitamin C contributes to the production of collagen, due to which the skin becomes more elastic, due to which the pores are less noticeable.

Peony root extract tightens pores and balances sebum.

Extracts of saxifrage, chamomile, passerine and licorice are natural brightening agents.

For a smooth skin texture and eliminate excess fat in the composition of natural fruit AHA-acids .

It does not contain synthetic preservatives (parabens, phenoxyethanol), synthetic flavours, dyes, petroleum products, as well as raw materials of animal origin.

ECOCERT Green Life certification and Japanese JAS ( Japanese Agricultural Standards ) certificate of organic agricultural products 100% consists of natural ingredients (of which 40.0% are organic).

Ingredients: water, Citrus Depressa Fruit Water, pentylene glycol, propanediol, Citrus Depressa Fruit extract, murasaki root extract, squalane, Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract, licorice root extract, peony root extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus Leaf Extract, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugarcane) Extract, Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) Extract, orange fruit extract, lemon fruit Extract, Orange Oil, Backhousia Citriodora Leaf Oil, bisabolol, diglycerin, BG, polyglyceryl myristate-10, peptyl glucoside 

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