Organic Facial Essence Sorabudo Botanic Serum

Volume: 30 ml
Manufacturer: Sorabudo, Japan
Sorabudo is an organic brand created for anyone who is searching for safe, effective and proven care. 
Sorabudo products consist of 99.9% natural components, without harmful ingredients such as alcohol, chemical preservatives, artificial aroma and coloring, petroleum surfactant agent, or any ingredient that may cause skin irritation. Perfect for sensitive skin. 
The latest technology achievements and years of research were used in combination with the beneficial effects of natural ingredients.
Using the power of grape yeast as a main ingredient and the nano-size capsules of Grape Stem Cell Lipothome to increase the penetration rate of active components, the brand created a highly effective moisturizing and anti aging skincare series.
Grape yeast extract contains well-balanced amounts of amino acids, vitamins and minerals – all the elements that make your skin healthy. Since the ingredient produced by fermentation is similar to the amino acid element and natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of human skin, this extract can adapt well to epidermis.
Grape stem cell extract is derived from a special type of grapes that have extremely high anthocyanin and tannin content. Stem cell extract protects skin against UV stress, increases the skin’s UV tolerance, fights photo-aging.
Resveratrol (from grape leaf/skin/seed extract) is a crucial element for keeping a youthful-looking skin. It improves the skin tone and firmness, and delays the biological aging of the skin.
Suizenji seaweed polysaccharide  possesses nature's highest water retention capacity at five times that of hyaluronic acid, it provides a deep moisturizing effect to your skin. 
Also contains rice ceramide (glucosylceramide), bilberry leaf extract, corn-originated Vitamin C derivative (Ascorbic Ethyl), hawthorn berry (Crataegus) extract for a glowing and flawless skin. 
INGREDIENTS:  Yeast Extract, Sasa Kurilensis Water, Water, Resveratrol, Grape leaf/skin/seed extract, Grape berry cell extract, BG, Polysaccharide, Ascorbic ethyl, Glucosylceramide, Hawthorn berry extract, Bilberry leaf extract, Glycerin, α‐glucan, Citric acid, Tartaric acid, Lactic acid, Lecithin, Lactobacillus/fermented Wasabi root extract, Leukonocost/fermented Daikon radish root essence, Cyclodextrin, Maltosyl-cyclodextrin, Di Maltosyl-cyclodextrin, Isomalt and Malt sugar (maltose).

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