Onsensou Shampoo & Treatment + SASS. Body Scrub Set

$129 $141


1x ONSENSOU Scalp Care Shampoo 300ml 

1x ONSENSOU Scalp Care Treatment 300ml 

1x SASS. Body Scrub (Matcha or Coffee) 200 g

A nice set of hair and body treats for your loved ones or for yourself.

Set includes Onsensou Scalp Care Shampoo & Treatment  for shiny, luscious-looking hair and natural body scrub for smooth silky skin.

ONSENSOU Scalp Care  Shampoo and Treatment contains algae extract from the hot thermal springs of Beppu, a city in Japan famous for hot springs. The hot spring algae extract strengthens the hair and provides gentle care for the scalp prone to dryness and dandruff.

SASS Body Scrubs are very gentle on your skin using only natural components such as highly moisturizing cocoa and jojoba oils, antioxidants from matcha green tea and sakura extracts, epsalt and coffee.  

Two set options are available:

- Onsensou Shampoo&Treatment + Matcha&Sakura Body Scrub SASS.

 Onsensou Shampoo&Treatment + Coffee&Cocoa Body Scrub SASS.

Please select one of the set options before adding it to the cart.



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