MYUFULL Mini Sample Kit


Mini-set includes:

  • Cleanser x 1
  • Lotion x 1
  • Gel mask x 1

Professional oil-free care, created with only natural ingredients.

Skincare ingredients penetrate deep into the stratum corneum, moisturizing from the inside and smoothing the surface of the skin. Effectively soften the skin and make it supple and silky. Control excessive sebum secretion.

Myufull series were created for sensitive skin. Each product fills the skin with radiance and improves its complexion.

Miyuki Corporation has over the quarter century of history since its establishment in 1985. We have created our own brand “Myufull” and produced “skin care gel series” that is mostly made of natural and organic ingredients that nourish a beautiful skin. In 2012 we finally launched “Myufull Natural Series” and succeeded to make all the ingredients naturally derived. We work hard to make the product that helps the skin to rejuvenate itself. We also focus on “inner beauty products” based on our thought that the foundation of true beauty is health. That leads us to produce the supplement of organic ingredients that help a healthy beautiful skin to shine inside out.

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