Myufull EGF Extra Essence


Myufull Extra Essence contains EGF (epidermal growth factor, oligopeptide-1) - one of the most effective components of modern anti-ageing cosmetics. 

EGF or growth factors - a group of proteins that regulate cell growth, the synthesis of collagen and elastin and contribute to the regenerative processes of the epithelium, which become slower with age. 

The serum also contains hyaluronic acid and collagen . 

The growth factors in Myufull essence are certified by the Japan EGF Association and comply with safety and quality standards. 

Due to its light texture, it can be used for skin care under the eyes. 

The essence has a 100% natural composition, does not contain parabens, synthetic substances, mineral oils and fragrances. 

How to use: serum can be applied locally to problem areas. Unlike other serums that are applied after the lotion, the manufacturer recommends applying the essence serum immediately after cleansing the skin.

Volume: 60 ml

INGREDIENTS: Water (purified water), propanediol (corn), human oligopeptide-1 (fermentation method), sodium hyaluronate (fermentation method), water-soluble collagen, mannitol (corn), citric acid (sweet potato, etc.), citric acid Acid Na (sweet potato, etc.), grapefruit seed extract

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