DIREIA Stem Protect UV Cream (SPF 50+++)


Volume: 35g

Manufacturer: DIREIA, Japan

The cream contains a combination of chemical and physical filters SPF50 + / PA ++++ and provides maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Care component - stem cell complex with a system of deep delivery to the skin at the level of the dermis. The cream improves all metabolic processes in the skin, restores the full-fledged work of the cells, their timely renewal, the production of collagen and elastin, as well as self-purification from free radicals. Due to such a serious composition, the cream can be recommended as a supplement to intensive anti-aging care.

In addition, the cream contains hydrolyzed fermented protein of royal jelly bees - a component developed by Japanese scientists that significantly improves the reproduction of collagen in the skin.

The cream has a delicate texture and delicate natural aroma of a rose, does not whiten the skin, softens it, does not provoke sebum secretion, but does not matte.

Usage & Application: Suitable for any type of skin and age. Not waterproof. Apply every 2 hours if continuously under sun.

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