Apagard Premio Toothpaste provide your teeth with minerals to promote healthier, whiter tooth enamel,  containing 1.4 times as much nano <mHAP> as the other types of Apagard toothpastes, for greater whitening and anti-caries protection. 

Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite (nano <mHAP>) is a proprietary form of the calcium phosphate compound hydroxyapatite, originally developed by Sangi and clinically approved as an anti-caries ingredient in Japan in 1993. It is safe, biocompatible, even edible!

Nano<mHAP> protects and restores tooth enamel in 3 ways, by
1) Collecting and helping to remove plaque
2) Filling surface fissures
3) Remineralizing subsurface demineralized areas (incipient caries).
Moreover, Sangi's research shows that nano<mHAP> also
4) Relieves tooth sensitivity by filling and coating exposed dentin tubules

No abrasive ingredient or fluoride are contained.

Double mint flavor

Volume: 100 g

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