Tomioka Silk Brush for dry body massage


Silk brush for dry body massage.

It consists of threads of raw raw silk that are rich in natural sericin protein and threads of processed silk rich in fibroin. 

Dry silk massage improves lymph movement and skin metabolism. 

Protein sericin, contained in raw silk, consists of 18 types of amino acids, 3% fat and wax , which are similar in composition to the amino acids in human skin. This allows them to effectively influence the condition of the skin, promote the regeneration of damaged areas, retain moisture and nourish the skin with oxygen. Sericin is 10 times superior to collagen in its moisturizing properties!

Silk fibroins are able to retain a large amount of moisture in the skin and stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin.

The large shape of the brush makes it easy to use for the whole body.

 Made in Gunma Prefecture, which is considered the best in raw silk production in Japan.

Method of application : massage is recommended to be done after a shower. The skin must be dry. Use gentle strokes to brush over areas of the body that need moisture. Strong pressure on the brush is not necessary. Do not wet the brush!

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