ECOM Mini Air Cleaner EK-011

$55.68 $65.50

Put this in your bedroom or at your office desk to purify and disinfect the air around you. Sleep or work with a peace of mind knowing that the Mini Air Purifier will protect you from catching a cold!

Product Details
  • Degerms, Deodorize, Removes Formaldehyde
  • Fights Pollen Allergy

This air purifier uses CLO2 (chlorine dioxide), which has a proven track record of excellent sterilization and deodorization and is environmentally friendly because it does not generate harmful by-products.

Chlorine dioxide (CLO2) Oxidizes proteins that constitute viruses, bacteria, pollen, etc. by oxidizing intramolecular oxygen. It also oxidizes substances that cause offensive odors, so that it can be used to fundamentally remove bacteria.

The Ekom Room Mini is small and lightweight, so it is easy to install even in a small place. Use space expands, such as study rooms, bedrooms, entrances, and toilets. The simple design matches any interior.

How to use


[How to use] 

1) Put the dedicated filter and 4 AA batteries in the ECOM Room mini body. The special filter can be used for about 3 months after opening.

② Press the switch on the top to turn on the blue LED lamp and start operation.

③ Automatic operation that repeats 5 seconds operation and 35 seconds pause.
The blue LED lights when the fan is operating, and goes off when the fan stops.

④ Battery life is about 3 months. If the blue LED on the switch lights red, replace the new battery and filter at the same time. (We recommend the use of high-quality batteries.)

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