COCOCHI AG Natural Pearl Brightening Mask


Volume: 5 masks per pack

A mask with a unique extract of Japanese pearls, collected in the rich in natural gifts Ehime Prefecture. 

Pearl extract contains 17 types of amino acids, among which the amino acid concholin is an important protein that can provide the skin with natural protection against UV rays, regulates pH and activates the ability of cells to self-repair. 

Antioxidants and pearl enzymes protect the skin from oxidation reactions, as well as inhibit the action of melanin, preventing the formation of age spots, gradually and evenly brightening the skin tone. 

The rich composition of the mask has gathered many highly effective beauty components such as  placenta extract  (rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle),  beta-glucan  (for microflora balance),  amino acid alanine  (strengthening the skin's immunity),  white willow bark extract  (tone leveling, pigmentation brightening) ),  algae extract  (protection against UV rays),  almond extract  (nutrition and hydration), water based on centifolia rose flowers (softening, moisturizing), green tea and witch hazel extracts   (soothe the skin, treat inflammation) and others. 

The mask is made of natural material that does not harm the environment. 

Each mask comes with a  nourishing cream  to increase the effectiveness of the mask and additional moisturizing, which is applied before using the mask itself. 

How to use


How to use:  Apply cream to clean skin, which comes complete with a mask. Immediately after applying the cream, a mask is applied. Hold the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes, and then soak the remaining impregnation into the skin with patting movements. 

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