DIREIA Stem Intense Use Lotion


Volume: 150g

Lifting lotion with a lifting effect DIREIA Stem Intense Lotion.

Professional care for effective lifting and sculpting of facial contours.

Lotion Effect:

Fights swelling,
Stimulation of the production of its own elastin and collagen,
Tissue regeneration
Increase elasticity
Decrease pigmentation.

The basis of the lotion is the patented bioactive complex “HADS-ACTIVATOR COMPLEX®”, including “VITA-HA” (a vitamin C derivative, suppresses inflammatory processes and pigmentation), extract ADSC-CM (promotes the activity of skin cells) and “PROLIPHIL-F4” (strengthens fibroblast proliferation and collagen production).

The extract of the ADSC-CM protein component obtained during the cultivation of stem cells. Components secreted by stem cells are rich in components with excellent physiological activity, such as growth factors. It is a highly functional biological material that prevents aging and skin damage and promotes tissue regeneration. The series includes 9 types of growth factors (EGF, aFGF, bFGF, KGF / FGF-7, VEGF, TGF-β, IGF-I, PDGF, HGF ).

The lotion also contains fullerene (a powerful antioxidant that cleanses the skin of free radicals), tree fungus extract Laricifomesofficinalis, white wood fungus polysaccharides.

To deliver the active ingredients to the deep layers of the skin, the Innovative 3D Nanotechnology® delivery system used in medicine is used. Thanks to the SC-Signaling system, the active components of the series act precisely on those cells whose work is impaired, stimulating their activity.

Cosmetics Direia - is the pinnacle of Japanese technology in the field of anti-aging cosmeceuticals. The effectiveness of the line is confirmed by scientific data.

Cosmetic line Direia has an impact at the cellular level. It consists of more than 200 types of growth factors and physiologically active substances that work on cell activation.

The line is designed specifically for beauty salons. Suitable for home use.

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